Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Yard work....yuck.

I'm home but it's too wet to do any yard work at my house. So I spent most of the day in town, working around my 6 plex. The yard is in pretty good shape, and there wasn't a lot of garbage to pick up. But I had lots of weeding to do. A couple of years back I had the sod cut back from the sides of the building, and 6 inches of washed gravel added. So when water runs off the roof it doesn't splash mud up on the siding. I know, I tried gutters for 4 years and gave up. Every winter they get pulled off with the sliding snow & ice from my metal roof. Really got tired of having them put back up.

Anyway, the grass won't grow in the yard where I want it too. But it will infiltrate the gravel after a while. At least its fairly easy to clean out. Just use the little hand hoe and dig into the gravel next to the cut sod line. The grass and the roots pull out really easy and then smooth the gravel back. Looks nice now that I have it done. But 3 hours crawling around on my hands & knees wasn't much fun. Wonder how stiff I'm going to be in the AM? Here is a before and after next to the shed.

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