Friday, August 29, 2008

Outside Drawings

And here are some drawings, looking at the house from the outside. Too bad I can't just post the CAD file here and let you mess around with it. You can move around the house, and change view points, walk through walls, etc. It really is fun :-).

This is the view of the back of the house from the driveway. From Hutler Road, you'll drive down the driveway a short way. You can see the carport at the end of the house. This will eventually become the breezeway and connect the house to the garage. But that's phase 2 and a few years away.

This is still the back of the house, but looking at the back of the kitchen & master bedroom. You can see the side door. It's 2 steps down from the kitchen and provdes access to the side yard. Also from this landing, the steps go down into the basement.

This side view shows the windows in the master bedroom & master bath. You can also see the daylight basement under the main part of the house. The guest rooms will have a crawl space under them, but the rest of the house has a full basement. Most of it will be taken up with my water cistern & filtering system, plus the boiler for the in floor heat. But the section under the master bedroom will be a storage room, and also have room for my exercise equipment. Someday I might even get around to putting a hot tub outside under the overhang.

And this last view is of the front of the house. You can really see the big windows in the living room, and the covered portion of the deck, then the 2 guest bedrooms. Also the window in the guest bathroom. It should be a great view. I'll have to put a mirror in the guest bathroom someplace, but standing at the double sinks you'll have a window to look out of.

New Drawings - Plan & Inside

When I posted the pictures this morning, I filtered out all the 'other stuff' and reviewed all my House Building posts. I realized that I haven't posted any new drawings. The plans for my house have been through a couple of revisions, so here are some updated drawings.

This is the new general lay out, not too different. Still 2 guest rooms sharing a bath, then the main living space, and then the master bedroom & bath. You can also see the small roof covering part of the deck. But the deck will extend down in front of the 2 bedrooms to the carport, so it can be accessed from the living room, both bedrooms and carport area.

Let me know if you have comments or suggestions. We haven't started building yet, so now is the time to incorporate any changes.

This view is from the entrance to the master bedroom, looking back into the kitchen and to the main entrance. I keep wanting to call it the front door, but it's really the back door. And you can see the framing for the back hallway behind the 2 guest rooms. The north wall of this hallway will be all closets, so I'll have lots of storage upstairs. I'm also going to put the washer & dryer in these closets so I don't have to drag laundry up & down the stairs to the basement.

You can also see how the ceiling in the kitchen area will be flat, and then slope up in the living room, to open up the view. I really have to decide if I'm going to leave the beams exposed in the living room or sheet rock over them so it's a smooth ceiling.

This last inside drawing is from the kitchen looking out the front windows, and the exit doors out onto the deck. You can see lines of the floor where the island, and then the cabinets holding the wall ovens & fridge will be. And you can see a bit of the opening for the stairs to the basement.

Hole in the ground.

Well, it's finally starting. Ray's crew started excavating my foundation on Monday, 8/25. I'm now the proud owner of a large hole in the ground. Soon to be filled in by concrete for the foundation.

Here are some pictures taken Monday, Tue and Wed nights.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Silver (Coho) Fishing

I like to go fishing, particularly on a nice day. Just goofing off and enjoying the beach. But I rarely catch anything. Today I took Jemmy to the beach with me, caught this nice Silver, I'm guess in the 12 to 14 lb range. Jemmy wasn't thrilled with fishing, or with the fish. The water kept moving and the fish flopping around was too weird for her.

Monday, August 04, 2008

Coast Guard Visit

Last month it was the National Guard, and this month we have Coast Guard visitors. They've been in and out the past few days. Too bad it's been so rainy & gloomy.

From what I've read in the papers, they'll be around a lot. Trying to get ready for the Northwest Passage to be open in the summers and all the increased ship traffic that will entail.

I do like their Dolphin helicopters. These are the same model they brought with them on the icebreakers to McMurdo.