Friday, July 31, 2009

And even more progess...

Today was another good day. It poured rain all morning, but cleared up this afternoon.

Tim got the water filter and the UV filters installed and tested. In fact we pumped 300 gallons of water from the settling tank, into the cistern tank. The settling tank was full, so now we can collect some more water.

And the electricians are still hard at work. I heard Spike down in the crawl space when I was leaving, so that means lights are going up down there. He got the ceiling lights up in the basement too. Don worked in the kitchen. Since the windows are so close to the counter top, we're putting an outlet strip in just below the windows. I'll have plenty of outlets, which is great. Shari - see that tiny space between the counter top and the outlet strip? We need to come up with a tile 'backsplash' for it. Start thinking :-)

And the fan is done, seems to work pretty well. I like how it looks. I still need to decide on a back splash for this area, but that's not on the priority list right now.

And when Tim finished the water filters, he got started on the bathroom sinks. Here is the faucet for the master bathroom sink.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Finish Work In Progress

I finally got home last night, so spent most of today up at the house site. Lots of work is getting done inside. It's really starting to look like a house.

Don is getting the lights installed.
These are the small lights I found for the hallway.

And here are the pendants in the living room.

And here are the exterior lights. These square cans go outside every exterior door.

Paul put up the kitchen fan. This is a picture from this morning, tomorrow I'll take some more that show the finished product.

Saturday, July 18, 2009


I have power. HEA came out and hooked up my meter yesterday. No more working off extention cords run from the temp meter up by the road. Yay!!!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

More Kitchen Cabinets

Valda sent me some photos of the kitchen cabinets she took yesterday. They're looking nice!

Cooktop Area


Pantry Cabinets

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Coast Guard 2009

Well, the Coast Guard showed up today and dropped off one of their little boats. Now they've been sitting outside my window with all 4 engines running for 22 minutes and counting. I really wish they'd either taxi away, or shut down.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Tuesday, July 07, 2009


OK, so 2 posts back to back, but I'm trying to get caught up before I go back to work...

I ordered the kitchen & bathroom cabinets from a place in CA and had them flat packed and shipped. They are similar to the IKEA cabinets I liked, but actually are a better quality, so hopefully they're going to look nice & last. Though it's a lot of labor to put them all together. Each and every piece has a sticker on that that says which cabinet it belongs too. So when they're unpacked you have to sort them all out. Very interesting to say the least.

They're a birch plywood construction, with a natural maple veneer. Monday morning Paul had James start unpacking and sort them, then after lunch Lee came over and started putting them together. I think it's going to take all week. But Lee made some real progress today.

And then Paul is building shelves, etc. for my master closet. I'll start with the shelves and hanging poles, then will add some drawers and cabinet doors sometime this fall.

More about the floor...

My concrete floor project has definitely been a 2 steps forward and 1 step back experiment. In fact sometimes I think we've gone 3 steps back. The idea was fairly simple but it's turned out to be quite the project. I just wanted to color the concrete, pour it over the in floor heat tubes, then polish it once it had cured.

But we ran into some trouble. The first grind of the floor went pretty well. All the trowel marks, etc. were polished off. But we'd sprinkled some aluminum filings in the surface of the concrete, hoping to give it a bit of a sparkle when polished. Instead, the filings clumped together, and then were pulled out of the concrete by the polisher, leaving little holes & divots. What a mess.

So Rob though we could mix some black concrete/grout mixture and trowel (or squeegee) it over the floor. Then grind it off, leaving behind the filled in holes. Didn't work that way. I think it's just too soft, so we're going to let it cure a few more weeks and try grinding again. But I really don't know if that will work.

Here are some pictures of the grinding and grouting process.

This is the living room with 1/2 of the first application of grout ground down, and 1/2 still curing. We didn't finish the grinding, it wasn't working out too well.

Here is the pile of 'sand' swept up during the grinding. This stuff is almost like talcum powder and really gets into the air.

Here is Rob grinding in the closet, you can see all the dust in the air around him. What a mess.

This is the floor with the 2nd batch of grout applied. This was taken on Friday afternoon. It's curing while the guys work inside and get the cabinets, etc. installed.

Then on Monday, I decided to grind along the edges of the floor, where the normal grinding machine won't reach. So Paul can install the baseboard, etc. I'm planning to use a buffer instead of a grinder to remove the rest of this grout, and I'll probably be working on that in August. So, I rented a hand grinder, what a job. I ground 3 or so inches away from each wall, and then ground out both of these small closets because the buffer won't fit inside them very well. I'm too old to do this much hand work :-). This looks pretty rough, but it will do for now though I have some touch up to do. Look at the dust on the walls though. I spent all of Tuesday cleaning that up.

Wednesday, July 01, 2009


Today the dirt work guys showed up and moved some dirt around. They put down fabric and then gravel between the house & the driveway. And they did the same for the carport area. Then they moved some dirt out of the back yard to bring up the grade out the back door of the kitchen. This area will become a little morning courtyard, someday :-).

Fabric laid so gravel can be added & compacted next to the house.

Dumping gravel in the driveway to be used next to the house.

Here is the back yard, lots of work still to do back here.

And here is where the propane tank will end up being set.