Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Murphy Bed for 2nd Guest Room

I was in Anchorage for few hours on Memorial Day. I stopped in at Scan Home to take a look at their Murphy Beds and decided I really liked this one. The price was pretty good with the sale that day, so I bought one and had it shipped.

Then it sat around the house for a week while I tried to figure out how to put it together. The instructions weren't very helpful and this sucker is HEAVY. On Tue Lynn was in town, so she helped me figure it ou and get it bolted together, laying on the floor.

So Wed night Marge & Carol came over for dinner. After dinner they help me get the Murphy bed standing up, and Marge screwed it into the studs behind the wall. It's pretty solid. The lift mechcanism is going to need a bit of adjusting once I get the mattress for it. But, it's 90% ready to go.

I'm really glad I decided to put a Murphy Bed in this room. When it's unfolded, it really fills up the room. So when it's not in use it can be tucked up, out of the way.


Jennifer said...

Hi there,

I've been researching Murphy beds and happened to came accross your bog. The unit you installed looks exactly like what I'm looking for. I googled the name of the retailer you mentioned (Scan Home), but didn't get a hit. Do you have any particulars you can share? And, if you don't mind, approximately how much did the bed cost and what type of material is made of?


Jennifer from BC Canada

Lori Murray said...

Hi Jennifer,
Scan Home is a furniture store in Anchorage.
Here is a link to their wallbed section. If you download the .pdf it says these are made by Westcott Designs in Richmond CA.
I paid about $2300 for mine, so far I really like it. It sure saves a lot of space in that 2nd guest room.
The material is a birch laminate, but I think it will hold up well to occational use. If getting it shipped to you is expensive, and you can find a good carpenter. You can buy the hardware and have one built. The hardware is the same as this:
And Rockler Woodworking also sells it at