Tuesday, September 05, 2017

Fall 2017 Update

It's been a busy but short summer.  I've worked a lot and not been at home enough.  And it's also been very wet and cool.  I didn't get near enough done.  The fall rains have started early, in fact right now it is POURING and getting windy.  I got my potatoes dug up this afternoon, and the rains stared about 10 minutes later.  It's a good afternoon just to hibernate.

Here are some pics of my vegi's.  I'm happy with the potatoes this year.  Though it's a good thing I like beet greens, since that's all I got from my beets.

I picked a few of the carrots, and I'll get the rest picked next week.  I'm hoping for a couple of days of sunshine over the weekend.

The strawberries are also doing pretty well, they're nice and healthy.  I should get a decent crop of berries next year.

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Fun with spray paint!

It's spring again and I spent the last week cleaning up my yard and getting my flowers planted.  But since it could be a while before they really start to bloom, I decided to paint all of my planters for a little extra color.

And then I decided I should paint the coffee table I bought for my deck.  It was supposed to be black, but looked dark brown.  I'm not too happy with the blue, I may have to change that to yellow next year.
Table Legs

Table Top

And I got some scraps out of the basement, stuff left over from building and put together a little potting bench.  It's a good thing it sits in the gravel since none of the legs are exactly the same length.
Potting Table

But my flowers are all planted on the deck.

And the strawberries, potatoes, carrots & beets are planted in the raised beds.

I cleaned up my hillside and marked all the different plants coming up.  I think the shooting stars will bloom any day, but some others are just barely coming up.  Plus I got my garden spinners put together.  Those came in bright colors so I didn't have to paint them.

Garden Spinners

After 10 days of clouds and rain, it finally cleared up yesterday and got sunny.  Today was the first warm day, it was really beautiful.
May 30, 2017 - view

Next time I'm home, I'll need to work more on my rock 'garden'.