Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Storage Shelves, Part 1

I got my first set of storage shelves built and painted. I had the lumber cut at SBS, so all I had to do was screw it all together and then to the wall.
I almost painted the wood frames bright green, but then decided to use up some of the trip paint left over from building.

They're pretty sturdy and should work out just fine. I still have one more closet to do, I'll try to get it done the next time I'm at home.

Ice Luminaries

Last week when I got home I decided to try to create a couple of ice luminaries. It's fairly simple. Fill a balloon full of water and put it in a bowl. Set the bowl outside and check it after 24 hours.

The first time the ice wasn't quite thick enough so I set it out again for another 12 hours.

Then I brought it in, peeled off the balloon and chipped/melted holes in the top & bottom so the candle could be inserted and have a chimney.

Unfortunately, the warm weather the past couple of days has melted most of it. Maybe it will be colder the next time I'm home and I can try again.

Wednesday, November 03, 2010

First snow of winter pics

Here are a couple of winter pics. I took the first one in Homer on the 26th. It was the first real measurable snowfall that I saw. Though it warmed up later that afternoon and most of it melted away.

And then this one I just took out my office window. It's been snowing up here for 5 or 6 weeks, but with the wind blowing today, and the sun trying to break through the clouds, it really looks like winter now.