Monday, February 20, 2006

Kauai Trip - Try 3

Hi all,
This is my 3rd try to create a blog posting about my January trip to Kauai. I think I like this site now that I have a better understanding how their photo upload software works, so will stick with it for a while. I'll get yahoo to delete the blog site I tried with them.

My plan is to post to this site when ever I'm on a trip. It will let me share a few select photo's and some comments about the trip. I'll also enclose the link to all of the photo's so you can look through them when you have some spare time.

So bookmark this site and check back occationally!

It's been a long winter for me already, so I decided it was time for a Kauai fix after Christmas. I talked Penny into traveling with me, and we arrived on Kauai the morning of 1/7 after flying all night. The Hawaiian Vacations flight was pretty comfortable as red eye's go. We had a couple of hours in the HNL airport and got to Kauai, picked up our rental car and still got to Eggberts in time for breakfast.

We stayed in Kapaa at Ed's B&B. We had the pool view room. Take a look at Ed's web site when you have time to play. He has a virtual tour of his place that's really great.

We had 2 entire weeks. The weather was wonderful, low 80's most days, and a few night time rain showers. Though we did have a lot of wind. We didn't really have an agenda this trip so we tended to have long breakfasts talking with Ed and the other guests, then just did short trips around the island, depending on what we felt like that day. We did 2 short hikes on the Na Pali, one from the north and one from the west. The trails were in pretty poor shape (as this picture shows), so we didn't get as far into the park as we wanted.

We also had a couple of beach days, drove down to Polihali one afternoon, and of course, looked a few houses. I'm always looking but the prices keep going up and up!

One night Ed invited some friends over and we had dinner out by the pool. It was great fun. Lisa was in town and came over to join us. I hadn't seen her in years.

This picture doesn't do justice to the scene. It was so wonderful just to sit out side at night a relax with the pool lights on!

We also had dinner with Doris & Bob one night. It was really great to catch up with what's been going on. I'm trying to talk them into an AK cruise then I'd meet them in Anchorage and we'll tour around the state for a bit.

And I met Janis for lunch one day too. We had a great long talk catching up. I do miss living on Kauai, that's for sure!

We spent a few hours one afternoon at the National Tropical Botanical Gardens, the Allerton Garden portion. I hadn't been down there in a few years. They've really cleaned up the destruction after Iniki, it really looks good. I'll post the picture link, I took a lot of pictures while we toured around. If you haven't been to the gardens you should go, it's well worth the trip. There is a pretty amazing collection of plants & different garden rooms to wander through.
We also stopped at Glass Beach one afternoon. I’d never been there and it was pretty interesting. It’s just an old dump site down by Port Allen that’s been closed for years. The remnants of the old bottles are breaking up in the surf and wash up on the beach. Most of the glass is brown or clear, though there are a few other colors showing too. It’s a popular spot and most visitors take a few pieces of glass with them, so eventually most of this will disappear. I took this picture with the macro lens on my camera, it came out pretty well. You can see there is also quite a bit of coral mixed in with the glass, it all floats on top of the sand.

All in all it was a very relaxing trip. It had been 3 years since my last visit and Kauai is really growing. It feels really prosperous now. I guess they've finally recovered from Iniki. Of course the county & state haven't fixed the road (or lack thereof) problems, but I guess I don't really expect that they will anymore.

Poipu Beach Sunset!

The link to my photo albums is

I have a lot of albums still out there, so scroll down and look for one titled 6 Jan Kauai. Try to use the comments section and let me know if you have any trouble with the photos. L