Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Platform Beds Started

As most of you know, patience is NOT my middle name. So spending a day with power tools usually entails much cussing, an injury or 2 and a broken power tool. I'm happy to say, that I only broke one drill bit and the power tools are all intact. Maybe I am learning a little patience. This project did go much better after I decided to actually use the drill bit instead of trying to screw the wood together skipping that step.

This is actually all Carols fault. A couple of months ago, she said she wanted to build a platform bed for her new house. She made is sound so easy, so I looked around on line and found a few web sites showing how to build different kinds of platforms for beds. This one looked easy so I decided to give it a try.
I don't like the metal frames with wheels that I have in the back guest room.

So after much considering, I stopped at Home Depot last week and ordered the 2x10's and 2x4's. They'll cut them to specific sizes. I tried Lowes first but they said they could only cut pieces in half, not to specific sizes.

Today I got to spend a couple of hours working on this project. Boy is it nice to have concrete floors and no furniture. I just put everything on a piece of cardboard in the living room and got started. It actually went pretty well.

Since the back guest room has 2 twin beds, I need 2 platforms. I got both the 2x10 bases screwed together, and one of the 2x4 tops. I also got the 2 headboard pieces sanded and the corners rounded off. Everything is stacked around the living room, waiting until I get home at the end of June. I'm hoping to get it all put together and painted and finished in about 3 days.

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