Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Northstar Island Expansion Project

Our NOC project is well underway. The crews have been working on adding new sheet pile and gravel since March. Plus they've been doing some repair work to the bench.

It's been very cold, wet & foggy the past few weeks. But we got a nice break on Monday. The fog cleared off, it was great to see the sun. So we sent Greg up in the helicopter to get some pics.

As you can see we're having a slow break up. The ice is melting in place, at least so far. There is a lot of melt water on top. And a few open leads. But we haven't had enough wind to break it up into ice pans that start floating around & slamming into each other. But it won't be long until that starts to happen.

Here you can clearly see the remains of our winter ice road to shore. But it's melting quicky.

And below is a photo out the other direction. Melting ice all the way to the horizon.

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