Thursday, October 20, 2011

Living Room Chairs

I've been looking at living room chairs for a while, and I finally found what I wanted (Rebecca Chairs by soho Concept ) .  But as I've watched them over the last 8 months, I can't find them in a color that I like.   I may end up having to buy them in dark grey, but I'd much rather have a blue.  I hate the idea of buying them brand new, and having them re-upholstered before they're even used, but that's also an option.  UGH.
So, for a little fun color until I can get what I really want, I bought 3 bean bag chairs.  They're pretty sturdy, made out of some short of water resistant material.  They should be fun to use the winter.  And once I can replace them, I can relegate these to the bedrooms.

Saturday, October 08, 2011

Office Chair - Mid Century Style

I'm looking for an older style office chair to refurbish.  I've mostly looked on e-bay, but the ones I'm finding are pretty expensive.  So I though I'd check and see if any of my friends might have an old chair in storage they'd sell me.  Or maybe you'll run across one in a garage sale.

Anyway, the condition of the seat padding doesn't matter because I'll have it taken off and restored.  But the type of legs/wheels does matter.  And it does need to work.  Hopefully the wheels will still move smoothly.

So, if you come across something like this (note the style of the legs), let me know.
Legs like this.

Or like this.

But not like this.