Sunday, June 18, 2006

New Camera

I ordered a new camera from I really should buy their stock, I order stuff from them all the time. Anyway, I got a Fuji A400, I really like it so far. I'm just a point and shoot sort of person, I used those box throw away cameras for years. My last 2 digital cameras were Fuji also, they're easy to use and take great snapshots, which is all I'm really intersted in. Plus, they're not too expensive to replace every couple of years. I'm always dropping cameras for some reason.

Here is a picture of the view out my window at work. It's out across the airport runways and FLAT as far as I can see. The dark ridge on the right side behind the runway is a gravel stockpile. The State is having the runway up here extended this summer. The tundra is still brown, but the tundra should turn green next month.

This one is to the left a bit, down toward the Alaska Airlines building and ERA. My view isn't as boring as these pictures make it look. Though in the winter when it's dark all day & night it's pretty much all the same...

Thursday, June 01, 2006

My Camera Died

I took some great pictures over the weekend. On our way to Bishops Beach on Monday for a pic nic, we stopped to watch Marge put out a fire with her new brush fire truck. One of her neighbors had cleared a lot and burned the stumps this spring. Monday afternoon the stump pile re-ignited, it was pretty hot & dry. The coals from those stump fires can stay hot enough to re-ignite all winter long. Then when I got home to download them they were blurry. Turns out I'd dropped my camera one too many times and the auto focus no longer works. So...until I get it replaced I thought I'd post a couple of pictures from January. Penny gave me a CD with all the pictures she took. Here are a few.

This one is the trunk of a Rainbow Eucalyptus tree. As the bark peels off, the new bark underneath is revealed, in all different colors. These trees will grow to 200 feet, so a grove of them is pretty amazing.
This is Rambutan, they grow all over Kauai. Peel off the outside and there is a sweet fruit inside, similar to Lychee. Check out for more pictures and a better discription.
And here we are on the Na Pali Trail. Hawaii really needs to spend some money on trail upkeep.