Wednesday, September 02, 2015

Green Roof Phase 2 Update

I'm pretty pleased with my progress on the green roof this year.  57 more modules planted and up on the  roof.  The majority were planted with Aleutian Speedwell, which I expected to fill in nicely.  However we had a very hot and dry summer, and they got a bit fried.  But I'm still hopeful.  There are lots of little speedwell plants starting to show up.  If we don't get a lot of ice this winter, and they survive, I think next summer will be much better for them.

Anyway, Greg was here yesterday and got the modules lifted up to the roof.  Today I moved around some of the rubber pavers for my paths, and laid down more root barrier, then arranged the modules.

Next year, Phase 3 should be the last of the modules.  I'll have to re-calculate, but I'm thinking I only need 52 more.  Then Phase 4 in 2017 will involve more pavers to fill in the walking paths, and some trim!

Phase 1, modules & pavers from 2014

Phase 2, all the modules from 2015.  Rubber pavers re-arranged.

And, in addition to getting my modules up on the roof, I also got my alder pile from this spring burned. It's very dry here, and we had some gusty winds, so I kept the fire pretty small. It took about 6 or 7 hours to get it all burned and then bed of coals extinguished.