Sunday, August 23, 2009

House Update....almost finished

The house is mostly finished, though it needs a good scrubbing and some misc. finish work. Some parts are missing for the glass block wall in the bathroom. I just ordered the drawer pulls this afternoon, hopefully they'll arrive next week. And the metal counter top for the island should arrive next week too.

The window seat needs cushion, but I haven't picked out a fabric yet.
Here are some pics I took this afternoon.
This is my mixer shelf.
The fridge looks a little small but it should be just fine.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Coast Guard Gulfstream V, CA-37

We had another group of visitors arrive this morning. And another pretty plane to watch. As the summer sea ice melts, the Coast Guard is going to have set up a base to support their activities up north. I don't know where it will be built yet, but I know they've been visiting in Nome and in Barrow. They're making a quick stop here in Prudhoe today, before heading to Anchorage for public meetings tomorrow.

Fishing in Bagdad

I got these photos from Mark, he's been fishing in the pond whenever he gets a chance. These fish are almost as big as the lure I sent him :-) I think I need to send him some grayling lures instead of salmon lures.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

More planes

And we had another priviate jet today. This one is a Falcon XP. AT&T VIP's on it. I wonder if they're coming up to get our crappy cell phone service fixed? Or maybe the internet connection will speed up.

Nah, I that's just wishful thinking.....but it is a pretty plane. It has a 6000

mile range. Look at those long wings.

Fall Morning

Yes, it really is fall already, here at work. Actually it's been a beautiful fall morning.

You can see that the tundra has really turned an orange/brown color. The sunrise really made the color stand out. These were taken at 6 am.

And this one was taken at 9 am.

Especially after the rain we had all week. It really was gloomy for a while.

And here is a picture of a pretty private jet that landed when I was taking my 9 am picture. It's a Gulfstream and takes 22 pax, but not that may got off. Actually, they looked like tourists to me. I wish I could afford to charter a Gulfstream to go touring around :-)

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

A few more photos

Here are a few more photos to share, before I head north in the morning.

This one I call Oops! We picked on Tim about it, but it was an easy fix :-)

The under cabinet puck lighting is installed, but I still need to add the light valance and the doors. The doors are being finished right now. They look really nice.

This one is Fiona. Mom's not home to give her a bad time about sleeping on the kitchen table. Besides, she likes the table runner :-)

And this one I took on Saturday morning, when I went garage sale'ing. I was up on East Hill Road looking out over the Homer Spit. Sure was a pretty morning.

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

More interior finishing...

The guys are all still hard at work inside. The ovens were installed when I got up to the house this morning. That was exciting.

And the wood base for the island countertop is done. Now I need to get the metal overlay built and clear coated.

Tim was still working on sinks. I really like the way the kitchen faucet looks. Let's hope it works well too :-)

Paul thinks there is a good chance he can have all the subcontractors done and out of the house by the end of this week. Then next week the inspector can do his thing and we'll be ready to get the construction loan closed!. Who thought I'd ever be looking forward to a mortgage....AND all the cleaning I'm going to need to do. There is a LOT of construction dust, etc. to be scrubbed, that's for sure :-)