Friday, November 18, 2011

Kitchen Pendants

Here is a little project started back in Aug and finally go finished.  Thanks for Don to coming out and finishing the  wiring the lights in for me, they're going to be great this winter when it's dark.

I wanted to add some pendants to hang over the dining table portion of my kitchen island.  Here is where the old monorail used to end.
So in Aug Don came out and wired in the heat pad I put under the metal counter top.  He also go the rail extension added, but then ran out of time.  I was gone Sept and Oct so on Monday he finally got a chance to come out and wire up the pendants.
I finally got the shades on them this morning.  I'm not sure why the bulbs are giving off this red color, but that's OK for now.  Though I'll probably change out the bulbs when I can find some that all white.
Anyway, I like the light they cast on the table, the original spotlights were just too bright.