Wednesday, June 03, 2015

New Roof Ladder

I finally went into town this afternoon a bought a new 20" extension ladder rated for 300 lbs.  It's a bit more sturdy than the folding ladder I'm currently using.  So I spent the evening installing the safety handles, and the Lock n Climb feet to help keep it steady.  I'm rather a chicken when it comes to ladders and to heights, but I need fairly frequent access to my roof during this green roof project, which will take another couple of years.

Anyway, I'd purchased the safety handles and the Lock n Climb several months ago.  So I got the ladder home and unpacked my other boxes.  The safety handles were pretty easy to attach.  The ladder came with a plastic "Pro Top" attached, so I had to drill out the rivets and remove it.  But then the safety handles just slipped over the ends and clicked into place.  I just had to tighten the attachment knob so they don't slip.

Attaching in the Lock n Climb took a bit longer.  I don't know what it is about complex instruction sheets, but when I try to read one, my eyes immediately glaze over and I have no idea what any of those words  After several re-readings and looking closely at the pictures, I got started.  I had to drill a couple of holes in the ladder so I could run the bolts through, but it all went together fairly easily, if slowly.

The next step will be to take down the current ladder and put the new one in place.  But that may have to wait until Saturday.  It's going to take a couple extra people to maneuver it into place.

Safety Handles Attached

Big Parts

Small Parts

First legs attached

Lock N Climb all attached and half folded

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