Sunday, June 07, 2015

Green Roof 2nd Summer

Thursday afternoon my pallet of growth medium (80% pumice and 20% coconut fiber) and half a pallet (50) of the GreenGrid modules arrived.  So I spent most of Saturday afternoon and a good portion of today, getting them all planted.

Last year I planted a variety of sedums, but this year I decided to try a local plant, the Aleutian Speedwell.  It's a pretty ground cover plant with purple flowers.  It's known to get out of control in peoples rock gardens, but I'm looking for a lot of coverage, so most of the modules I planted this year all contain it.

Gloria pulled some of it out of her garden for me, and I had great luck last weekend in Anchorage at the Wildflower Club annual plant sale.  I bought all the Aleutian Speedwell they had for sale, plus several of the members either brought me a tray full from their gardens or let me dig some out of their gardens.  I was really amazed how everyone was willing to share.

Anyway, the mods are planted and I'm going to leave them on the driveway for the next couple of months so I can sort of baby them and make sure they get growing.   At least thats my current plan.  I had to chase a porcupine out of them earlier today, so if he comes back I may need to get them up on the roof and away from his depredations. 

Tomorrow I really need to get my new ladder set up so I can get on the roof and see what survived the winter.

Pallets Arrive

Everything is planted

Aleutian Speedwell

More Aleutian Speedwell

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