Wednesday, June 03, 2015

Landscaping near the driveway.

This spring I decided to take down a patch of scraggly alders at the top of my driveway.  When they leaf out in the spring, they are hard to see around, and they are pretty ugly.  So after an entire winter of almost no snow, we got close to a foot of spring snow the week I wanted to start this project.  At least I had a sunny April day when I got started.

In their place, I planted some pink rugosa roses that Linda dug out of her garden for me.  I'm hoping to have a nice rose hedge in a couple of years.  

Since I didn't have the stumps pulled, I'll need to do some alder clipping the next couple of years, until the roses can smother out the alder shoots.

I like my small chainsaw.

Stacking alder to burn later.

Done with day one

June 1st, 6 groups of roses planted.

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