Saturday, August 27, 2011

Visa Signature Perks Sweepstakes - Facebook - Amazon Kindle

Well, here it is.  I got my mail all opened up this evening and in one of my boxes was an Amazon Kindle, Wi-Fi only, 6 inch display.  It's really light, only weighs 8.5 ounces.

I looked it up on the Amazon web site.  $114 which isn't bad. It will have some advertising screen savers on it, but that's not a bother.

I actually have a couple of books loaded on my phone and was reading one of them in the airport last night.  It's kind of cool so I'm going to charge this baby up and try to load a couple of books on it.  This means I'll have to get my Wi-Fi router out of the closet and hook it up to my broadband connection tomorrow.  But if it all works I'll download a couple of books and try it out on this trip starting Tue.

Thank you to Visa Signature Perks Match and Win Game, and to Facebook :-)

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