Wednesday, August 17, 2011

New module is at the dock.

Our weather had been pretty nasty over the weekend, but the wind and seas died down quite a bit yesterday.  So Crowley delivered the barge with our new module to our dock face last night.  There is still a lot of prep work to do, but I believe the current plans is to move the module from the barge, to the island tomorrow.
In order to move it off the barge and put it in place, we've contracted a specialty heavy lifting company, Mammoet.  These are the Scheurerle Trailers they shipped up to move our module.  These are specialty trailers that raise up a bit.  And each set of wheels can be turned independently from the others.  So the end up with a lot of control for making small adjustments and they maneuver the mod into place.  I've been looking at the Mammoet web site, it looks like the driver attaches controls to the front of the trailer(s) and controls them with a joy stick.  That would be intersting to see.

However, I'll be here on shore.  I'll just have to rely on Guy to send me pics, like these he sent me today.  Thanks Guy!

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