Monday, August 29, 2011

Steel Support Painting Part 2

Well this project went on way too long.  I know I'm a bit obsessive, so I ended up putting on 4 coats of the rust converter.  I got the first 3 on last R&R, with lots of scraping & sanding in-between each coat.  When I got home and looked at it on Monday, there were a few new rust flecks, so I went a head and scraped it with a scotch brite, and then put on the 4th coat.  It dried over night and actually looked pretty good this morning.  So I went a head and painted with some Rustoleum glossy black for metal.  It went on pretty well and really covered the posts.  I really hope it 'takes' and I don't have to re-do this project for a LONG time.

Wasn't today BEAUTIFUL. Look at all that blue sky (ignore the wild 'yard', I'll do something with it next summer).

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