Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Blinds, part 2

I finally got around to buying blinds for the 2nd guest room.  I really liked the ones I put in the first guest room, so I ordered a 2nd set.  Bali sent me the wrong blinds, they were too short and not wide enough, so I went through the whole exchange/re-order thing.  The 2nd set arrived while I was at work, so they've been setting in the house for 12 days.  I started to put them up before my guests arrived last Wed but ran into some problems.  Finally today I couldn't procrastinate any longer.  I needed to get them installed.  And it actually went OK.  Took a couple of hours, lots of trying to understand what the instructions actually meant.  And now that they're up, I think I should take them down and move them back on the extension brackets, about 1.5 inches.  BUT, I'll save that for a later date :-).

Valda & Sharon came up to help me hang them up because they're so long (128") and are hard to handle.  Though they're not particularly heavy.  I like that the cover the wall & door and can be opened/closed from either side.
Brackets finally secured to the wall.  I only broke through the sheet rock once :-)

Sharon & Valda


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