Sunday, May 15, 2011

Cook Inlet Belugas

I know we have a small population of Beluga whales that live in Cook Inlet.  I drive down one side of the inlet when I'm driving between Anchorage & Homer.  Every once in a while I'll see a little ripple but I don't usually stop to take a good look.

Last Thursday I was driving up to Anchorage and slowed down because there were cars stopped all along the road.  It was a beautiful sunny day, so I decide to pull over and take a look.  There was a small pod of Belugas headed back up to the entrance.  I counted 9 a one point.  They were great to see, since they were actually very close to the road.

Unfortunately my camera doesn't have much telephoto power, so in these pics they just look like specs.  And shooting into the sun meant I couldn't see what  I was capturing with each picture.  But if you click on these to enlarge them, you should see a couple of whales.

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