Saturday, April 30, 2011

Refrigerator Repairs - is my Samsung (RB215LASH) a Lemon?

I got home tonight and started putting away my groceries.  The carrots I'd left in the vegetable crisper were frozen solid with frost all over them.  At least nothing else in the fridge was frozen, which has happened.  I've been having trouble with my fridge/freezer ever since I moved in.  While it was under warrenty I had the guys from Homer Appliance Repair working on it.  After a couple of house calls, they'd ordered some parts for it, but then they went out of business and since the warrenty is expired, I haven't pursued fixing the problem.  But after putting the groceries away and doing some other things around the house, I realized that the freezer compressor was still running and probably wasn't going to shut off.

So I decided to try a temp fix myself.  I figured that he cooling elements were all iced up again, so I moved all the frozen stuff from the freezer into a cooler and unplugged the whole thing.  I'd watched the repair guys, sort of the last 2 times they'd been here.  So, armed with my electric screwdriver I removed a few screws and took the panel next to the ice maker off.  Then I got my hair dryer out and started blowing hot air in to the air vents.  After a bit I could see ice melting when I looked though the vents.  I know the repair guys had removed all the plastic shielding inside so I figured I could do it too.  

I managed to get the fan shroud off, and yep, the elements were totally iced up. 

Drain Hole - so the melt water has a place to go, but where?

Ice all melted.

Oops, forgot to put the fan shroud back on.
After a couple of tries, I got it all to go back together.  I must have put it back together correctly, because it seems to be working.  The temp is down from 65 to 52.  Hopefully I can get it down to freezing in the next hour so I can put the food back in there and go to bed.

But here is my question.  Does anyone have a good idea what's wrong?  I only have a vague knowledge about how the freezer works.  This freezer is supposed to be frostless, which actually means there is a short heating cycle that's supposed to melt the frost and let it drain down to the bottom and evaporate.  Obviously this isn't working correctly, but I don't know why.  But I sure could use some ideas on how to fix it once and for all.  Going though this disassembly and thawing process every few months is really a pain.  But so is it when it makes everything in the fridge freeze.  I've actually had club soda in can burst and spray all over the inside.


refritech said...

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Unknown said...

Good work Lori.

The ROOT of the problem is elsewhere and eventually shows up in the symptoms that thousands of us have with this fridge.

The drain that was frozen leads to a tray underneath the fridge. This tray is placed such that the heat from the compressor will evaporate the water. All fridges work on that principle.

This drain opening gets clogged with dirt that collects under the fridge.

Here's how to fix that. Remove the small access panel at the back of the fridge at the bottom. There are two soft rubber drain pipe protruding -- one for the fridge, and the other for the freezer. One is black, one is grey. Most likely these are clogged.

MAKE A NOTE WHICH COLOR HOSE GO WHERE. Then pull them off, clean and push them back onto the seats.

After this drain opening is cleared, ensure that the drain from inside the fridge is clear. Pour a cup of water down the drain inside the fridge. It should run right through.

Aly Smith said...

Thanks for sharing such useful information and your experience about Samsung fridge parts. Yes, In recent years many problem occurs in the Samsung refrigerator, specially in ice maker.

Kent Petty said...

Great post. I too had this same problem. Found exactly the same situation in my freezer on the coils, but ALSO found the same situation on the REFRIGERATOR coils. Ice was coming through the vents in the fridge. I let it sit for 24 hours because I couldn't get the interior cover off in the refrigerator. Couldn't get it off because it was still all frozen together. It finally thawed enough that I could get it off and found that the whole dang coil assembly was encased in ice. I've got the whole thing completely de-iced now and am hoping this will take care of the problem. We shall see.

Lori Murray said...

Kent, I hope you've fixed your problem. After 18 months of messing around with it, I finally gave up and bought a new fridge from LG.