Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Anchorage Weekend

I spent last weekend in Anchorage, catching up with old friends.  I really had a great time, it's something I should do more often.

On Saturday we went out for lunch.  I hadn't seen Babs, Lisa or Lanie in at least 25 years, maybe longer.  In fact I don't really want to figure out how long it's been.  Shelley & Clyde & Paula were there too, but I was too busy talking and didn't take many pictures.  Lisa & Paul both posted some great pics on their Facebook pages.

Then on Sunday I had breakfast with George & Amy.  They couldn't join us for lunch because they were busy at the Sportsman show.  Babs & Lanie joined us too, but I left my camera in my car.  I guess it was too early :-)

And Sunday night a group of us went out to dinner.  We used Penny's birthday last week as an excuse to have dessert :-)

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