Saturday, July 17, 2010

A Trip to Northstar Island

I got to/had to go out to the island yesterday for a meeting. It was very nice to get out of my office for a couple of hours. The weather was pretty good and the ice pack around the island opened up pretty well. Kim had to pick his way through it but it was pretty easy to get there.

I do miss living out at STP. I love the spring & summer scenery out at the beach. We also saw lots of birds. The geese have their goslings with them, but didn't see any baby swans yet.

Woody, Glenn & I standing in front of the hovercraft, still in it's garage.

You can really see the open water, and then how the ice pieces are packed up around the island.

Are here are some pictures of our new crew boat. The American Resolution. She seats 30 passengers, instead of the 14 max our Hovercraft the Arctic Hawk can take.

We're going to be really busy the next 6 weeks. We're done with our drilling phase, so Nabors is moving the drilling rig off the island this summer with the Crowley barge.

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