Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Platform Beds Finished

I finally got the 2 platform beds finished. They're pretty sturdy and colorful, so I'm happy with my first wood working project. Although the entire project became much more complicated than I originally planned.

Once I had the back guest room emptied out, I decided to repair a crack and repaint the walls. They'd really been scuffed up when the concrete floors were poured. Linda and Sally were here on Sat & Sun. Sat afternoon they helped me repaint the back bedroom. Since they both know what they're doing, it went really fast. And it came out great. So the back guest room looks clean and new.

Here is Sally taping and Linda getting the paint ready.

The master painter :-).

Then we put the pieces together. I had a little trouble and broke a drill bit, but they went together pretty quickly. Though once they were together I decided I needed to paint the edges of the plywood platforms. I didn't like the white showing under the mattress when it was put on the bed. So the new paint had to dry for a couple of days.

Tonight Valda helped me move the mattresses, then I made up the beds. I really like how they look.

Now I just need to sand and paint the nightstand table so it can replace the 2 blue totes I'm currenly using. It's currently in pieces in the living room. One step at a time :-).

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