Saturday, July 10, 2010

Stress Crack Project

I'm really discovering that my little house projects have a way of expanding. I thought the platform bed painting project would take 3 or 4 days. I managed to stretch it out over 2 weeks. Then to top it off, I decided I should paint the back bedroom, before I moved the new beds in. Once I got the old beds out, I realized the stress crack in the corner between 2 sheet of drywall was really going to bug me, so I needed to fix it before I painted.

Here is a close up of the crack.

This one is the first coat of mud, you can really see the fiberglass tape, it's going to need a couple more coats.

To make this long story shorter, I went to Ulmers and got some drywall repair tape & mud. Thursday morning before I headed north I got the 3rd coat of mud on the wall. I also messed around filling in a few other little gouges caused by moving furniture, etc. It should be nice & dry & ready for sanding when I get home in 2 weeks.

Here it is with the 3rd coat of drywall mud, still wet. Not too bad for a first try.

Then I can finally paint (though I think the taping will take longer than the actual painting) and get the new beds moved into place.

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