Friday, July 31, 2009

And even more progess...

Today was another good day. It poured rain all morning, but cleared up this afternoon.

Tim got the water filter and the UV filters installed and tested. In fact we pumped 300 gallons of water from the settling tank, into the cistern tank. The settling tank was full, so now we can collect some more water.

And the electricians are still hard at work. I heard Spike down in the crawl space when I was leaving, so that means lights are going up down there. He got the ceiling lights up in the basement too. Don worked in the kitchen. Since the windows are so close to the counter top, we're putting an outlet strip in just below the windows. I'll have plenty of outlets, which is great. Shari - see that tiny space between the counter top and the outlet strip? We need to come up with a tile 'backsplash' for it. Start thinking :-)

And the fan is done, seems to work pretty well. I like how it looks. I still need to decide on a back splash for this area, but that's not on the priority list right now.

And when Tim finished the water filters, he got started on the bathroom sinks. Here is the faucet for the master bathroom sink.

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