Tuesday, July 07, 2009


OK, so 2 posts back to back, but I'm trying to get caught up before I go back to work...

I ordered the kitchen & bathroom cabinets from a place in CA and had them flat packed and shipped. They are similar to the IKEA cabinets I liked, but actually are a better quality, so hopefully they're going to look nice & last. Though it's a lot of labor to put them all together. Each and every piece has a sticker on that that says which cabinet it belongs too. So when they're unpacked you have to sort them all out. Very interesting to say the least.

They're a birch plywood construction, with a natural maple veneer. Monday morning Paul had James start unpacking and sort them, then after lunch Lee came over and started putting them together. I think it's going to take all week. But Lee made some real progress today.

And then Paul is building shelves, etc. for my master closet. I'll start with the shelves and hanging poles, then will add some drawers and cabinet doors sometime this fall.

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