Thursday, June 01, 2006

My Camera Died

I took some great pictures over the weekend. On our way to Bishops Beach on Monday for a pic nic, we stopped to watch Marge put out a fire with her new brush fire truck. One of her neighbors had cleared a lot and burned the stumps this spring. Monday afternoon the stump pile re-ignited, it was pretty hot & dry. The coals from those stump fires can stay hot enough to re-ignite all winter long. Then when I got home to download them they were blurry. Turns out I'd dropped my camera one too many times and the auto focus no longer works. So...until I get it replaced I thought I'd post a couple of pictures from January. Penny gave me a CD with all the pictures she took. Here are a few.

This one is the trunk of a Rainbow Eucalyptus tree. As the bark peels off, the new bark underneath is revealed, in all different colors. These trees will grow to 200 feet, so a grove of them is pretty amazing.
This is Rambutan, they grow all over Kauai. Peel off the outside and there is a sweet fruit inside, similar to Lychee. Check out for more pictures and a better discription.
And here we are on the Na Pali Trail. Hawaii really needs to spend some money on trail upkeep.

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Tom said...

Cool Pics!

I know you're a volcano lover, but
I found this neat map that shows earthquakes...kinda related. Thought you might like it:

I also saw that someone got mauled by a grizzlie in Homer. Anyone you know?