Monday, May 22, 2006

And One More Picture from Work ...

Here is another pirated picture I decided I needed to share. I don't know if this small picture really gives you a feel for what they're doing. I've put the whole photo in my photo album (6 Spring) on yahoo. Download it and put it on your desktop to get the big picture to open. That slushy sea ice they're working in is COLD!

This is 2 of the divers on our island repair team in the water. They're in the moat that we've dug around one side of the island, so we can replace the gravel that's washing away. Doesn't this look like fun! Here it is, May 22nd, still snowing & slushy & cold. Some days I really can't figure out why I'm still up here, and I work inside an office.
This picture is completeness of Dave Maguire. Thanks Dave!

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