Friday, May 19, 2006

Just a few Spring Pictures

I've been collecting pictures the past few days, sent to me by various people. I decided I'd share a few of them, just because :-)

Here are 2 taken sometime early this morning, we're doing some construction work out on the bench of the island. You can't tell if it's sunrise or sunset, since they're both the same. The sun doesn't actually go below the horizon right now and pretty soon won't get this close. These were taken by Ray Bonds, one of our crane operators, I thought they were pretty. You can see the ice is thawing, mostly on top. It won't be much longer (a day or 2) and we will have to close our ice road until one can be built next year.

My sister Mary sent me these 2. The first is her husband Bill (with his flying cap on) getting to solo in Chris's Stearman Bi-Plane. It does look like fun!
And this one is my nephew Matt and his buddies going to their Sr. Prom. Mary says from left to right is Jordan, Matt, Bobby, Christopher and Jimmy.

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Amy Riddle said...

Oh my! Mary has a son that is that grown up! How old are we getting, Lori!!!!???? Yikes!