Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Volcano Obsession...

I think I have a bit of a volcano obsession. I have to check the Augustine Web site every day to see what's new and what has changed. It's pretty amazing to watch. AVO has pictures posted that cover over 100 years. The changes are amazing.Augustine Volcano is an island about 75 miles away from Homer. I've marked our locations on the picture above. I copied it off the AVO web sight, it was taken 12/1205. What a beautiful clear day. This is probably a satellite shot. The blue x is approximately where Patty has a house and I bought my lot. If you look closely just under the word Homer, you'll see the Homer Spit extending out part way across Kachemak Bay.

This next picture from the AVO site is from 1896. Look at the shape of the top of the mountain. I know I'm probably violating copyright laws, but all the info about who took these pictures & when is on the AVO site. There is a link to them on the left side of this blog.
This picture is from 1986. You can see the lava dome starting to fill up the current caldera, and still see some of the crater walls.
And then here is a picture from 3/22/06. The lava dome has really expanded and changed the whole shape of the top of the mountain. I'm not sure how high it extends over the top of the old caldera. It will be on the AVO site, I guess I should look it up.

Augustine isn't producing liquid lava to run down the sides of the mountain like Kilaeua is, but it's still pretty amazing to see what it's doing.

OK, enough about volcano's. I'm headed to Washington DC on 3/31. Pictures and stories when I get back.

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Tom said...

Hi Lori,

Interesting stuff. I just read an article today about Pompeii and Mt. Vesuvius. I'd say you're pretty safe considering the distance between Homer and Augustine, but it looks like Augustine might let loose a pretty serious pyroclastic flow. Watch out for it when you're flying...yikes!