Monday, March 13, 2006

I bought a lot so I can build a house!

Well, I said I wasn't going to blog too much, but here is another entry. I signed the purchase agreement today to buy this 2 acre lot. These photo's are a bit blurry, it was so sunny & bright I was having trouble with my camera. I guess I need some sort of filter, but that's a bit beyond my photographic ability.
These first 2 pictures should go side by side, I'm standing just off the road, looking across Kachemak Bay, out toward Halibut Cove.

They do give you an idea of the view I'll have from my front windows, when ever I get around to building a house.

There is also a picture from the where my deck will be, looking out over Patty's house down the hill just a bit. And one of the lot next door. If you want to see more pictures, they're in my photo album, including one of a moose watching me take these pictures.

The address for my photo album is and then look for the album titled 6 Spring New Lot.

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Amy Riddle said...

WOW! It is gorgeous! Made several trips to Homer following Adriane while she was playing bball and just love it! When you build your place, we'll have to barge in!