Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Coffee Table - Part 1

This is a project I've been thinking about for at least a year.  I'm finally moving forward with it, and part one has come together nicely.

I need a coffee table in my living room.  Something sturdy that I can put my feet on.  Besides it's time for the surf board rug to go back to the hallway where it belongs.
I had a set of these metal legs left over from building the kitchen island/dining table.  So I thought I should incorporate them into my coffee table design.  That way the 2 tables would sort o f  match.  I did have to take them down to the Gear Shed and have about 8 inches cut off each leg, but the whole table should now stand 20" high.  That part went really quickly.  The tube stoppers I bought to act as leg glides were just a tiny bit too small.  So today I added a bit of silicone caulk.  Once it drys they should stay in place without any trouble.

I wanted the metal part of the table top to coordinate with my kitchen island top.  I talked Ralfy into building the raw top for me.  I really wish I'd stopped to take a picture of it before I had it clear coated.  It was really rusty and gnarly looking, exactly what I wanted.  Here is what it looks like with the clear coat added.  It has such wonderful colors and patterns.

Once I got the metal top done, I needed to build the wood base.  I bought the material at SBS and had the guys in the yard cut it for me, since I don't own a saw.  There were a few small issues, but it all worked out great.  I know they did a lot more than then needed to, because they aren't supposed to make precision cuts, but I really appreciate their help.

Here it is with the frame all screwed together.  I really need to take a woodworking class and learn how to really use some of these tools.  Maybe then I'd even buy my own wood saw instead of using my chain saw inappropriately.

The legs will bolt onto the bottom like this, but I won't attach them until I'm ready to finish it all up.  
Part 2 is a concrete box with an ecosmart bioethanol burner.  I'll need to make the concrete mold and pour that part when I'm home on my next R&R.

Stay tuned for part two :-)

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