Sunday, March 04, 2012

300th Post - More House Building

I guess this is a bit of a milestone, it's my 300th post on this blog.  Originally it was going to be all about trips and traveling, but then I decided to build a house (another sort of a trip) and most of the posts have been about that.  So I guess it's fitting that this post is about some new things I've had done at home.

While I was at work this last time, I got another book case built in my bedroom.  It was really great to get home and see it all installed.  It makes that room look more finished.  Now I need to do some re-arranging and get it filled up with books :-)
New Bookcase

And, I also got reading lights installed in the Murphy Bed in the 2nd guest room.  They're pretty nice, 3 different  levels of light and they have a sensor that turns them off, if they are mistakenly left on when the bed is closed.
Murphy Bed Lights

I'm really glad to get these 2 projects done!

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