Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Interior Painting

I decided I needed to start putting some color on the walls in my house.  I had it painted a base coat white (that is really way too tan) and I've been ignorning it the past 2 years.  I don't really like to paint and I'm not very patient with the whole process.  So why I decided to try this project the week before Christmas, I really don't know....

I wanted to paint this wall in my long hallway so it was a darker blue at the bottom and faded up to a lighter blue at the top.  I spent a bit of time painting swatches and looking at the colors during the day and a night. 
I decided I liked these blues and went a head and bought enough paint to cover the wall.

So I started with the top...

and worked my way down.

Once it dried I wasn't very happy.  The line between the dark and the lighter color was way to distinct.  And I could still see the old paint swatches through the new paint.  I'm sure there are ways to blend these colors so you don't really see a distinct line.  Adding some 'wet edge extender' would have also helped.  Blending the paint along the edge with a sponge would have helped too.

But since I didn't do any of this I just mixed the 3 remaining colors together and put another coat on the whole wall.  It still looks a bit streaky to me, so I may need to have more paint mixed and put on a 3rd coat.  But I'm going to wait until spring to decide about that.

I do have some blue semi gloss, so I'll paint the trim when I get back home next week.

AND, I'm going to hire a painter to re-paint the rest of the house.  Now I just have to decide which color(s) to paint :-)

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