Thursday, May 14, 2009

Wildfire 2

The wildfire up the road from us is roaring out of control. I was up at the fire station last night about 10:30 pm (took some brownies up to help feed the fire fighters). They were expecting it to have grown to 1000 acres by this morning. The State sent in some Forestry crews, but the volunteers are on day 3. They're doing structure protection, while the Forestry crews try to put up fire break. But it's soooooo dry, that they won't get this under control until we get some rain. And there is NO rain in the 7 day weather forecast.

Patty took yesterday off from her job and took the ambulance up to the staging area to be on standby in case someone got hurt. She said there were a few minor injuries among the fire fighters, but not enough to send anyone home. Just patch them up and send them back to work. She's going to do the same today.
These are a few pictures she took from the ambulance.

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