Sunday, May 17, 2009

Island Countertop

I've been looking for months for a picture, showing what I want my island countertop to look like. It will be 4 ft wide, 10 ft long and 1/2 has cabinets underneath. The other half will be open so people can sit around it like a table.

I read about using hot rolled steel as countertop material but couldn't find a picture of what it looked like. I know it will rust if it's not kept waxed, but that's OK. It looks very durable and industrial. And it's all 1 piece, no seams which is what I want.

So here is the picture I found. This table was created at a shop in Dallas, The Weld House. I found this picture on Flickr.

So, then the question is. What do I do for the rest of the countertops. The floor is dark gray with sprinkles of aluminum filings. And the cabinets are natural maple, which is very light colored. Hmmm.....any ideas?

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