Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Outdoor / Deck / Garden Sink Needed

I've been looking on and off the past year or so for the perfect sink to put on my deck. And I haven't found it so I'm hoping someone has seen it and can let me know where to look. I had hot & cold water plumbed outside, I want to have both in my deck sink. Though I'll have to use it only in the summer.

Anyway, I've been looking at lots of these garden sinks.

And I like them. Either style would work. They both close up when not in use, and will be easy to clean. I don't really want or need the hose reel, but I could live with it. The real problem is they are made to be hooked up to a garden hose, so they are either hot or cold, but no mixing. Bummer.

So then on e-bay (which I love) I found this sink built into a wooden frame. It could work. I really like the fact that the 2 side's fold up to cover the sink when it's not in use. But it's wood & metal, not heavy plastic like the first 2. And I don't really want the decorative splash guard.

I may end up finding someone to build me a sink. If that's the way I end up going, then something like the 2 above will probably be it. I can just go to Home Depot and buy an acrylic sink and a faucet to install in it.

Hmm, should I consider some sort of splash guard to protect my siding?

If you run across something I should look at, let me know. I want to get the sink in place sometime this summer.

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