Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Interior Walls Framed

The concrete is all covered with Tyvek. It will allow moisture to evaporate out of the floor, and still protect it a it. So the guys are inside, hard at work. The interior walls are framed up and the plumbing is about done. Next week the electricians will be in to do some work. But next week is also Russian Easter, so sheet rock crew won't be available. But with a little luck, they'll be able to start on the 27th. So when I get home around May 3rd, the sheet rock should all be up. That's pretty exciting!

Here are a few pics from this morning.

The shower pan is in the guest bathroom and the walls are framed.

Tim is smiling, and finishing the plumbing for the wash machine :-)

Here the guys are putting up Tyvek and then painted plywood to cover the insulation under the canteleavered living room and bedroom floor.

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