Saturday, March 28, 2009

Redoubt 5

OK, I promise to get off my volcano binge, eventually :-). With some luck the concrete guys will pour my floor next week, and then I'll be back posting house pictures.

But, today I pulled a couple more off the AVO web site. Thse were taken by Bretwood Higman last night and early this morning. Lightning in the ash's really beautiful.


Tom said...

Very cool photos lately. I'm sure you're in heaven with all this volcano activity lately. We're going to be surrounded by 4 or 5 huge active volcanos when we're in Quito. Hopefully there won't be much activity while we're there.

Lori Murray said...

Yah, all this cool stuff is going on at home and I'm stuck here at work :-). The folks at AVO expect this to go on for months, so I'm sure I'll be sick of it, before it calm down. Have fun in Quito