Monday, July 02, 2007

Potential Floor Plans

I've been working with David & Allegra (DnA Design) the past couple of months on building plans. We're slowly getting a plan sketched out and we're working on the site plan. I can't get the .pdf files they e-mail me to show up here with out hosting them on another site, and that's a bit too technical for me at the moment. So I went a head and scanned a couple of floor plans into .jpg format. This is about round 3, so we're making some progress.

I hope you can figure out what your looking at. Comments are welcome. The front will be mostly glass to take advantage of the view.

Today we walked around the site for an hour or so. The grass has grown up about chest high, so it's a bit difficult to see what's where. We took Greg Collins with us who's going to do the clearing and put in the driveway. So we talked about the pro's & con's of where to put the driveway but have it pretty well figured out. Greg will work it into his schedule sometime the end of Aug. The plan is to remove a few dead trees, a couple that are still alive but in the wrong places, and clear a lot of the alders. Then stack them up to dry so we can burn them all this winter, once it's snowed a time or 2. That way the part of the lot on which I'm going to build will be cleared and ready to build on next summer.

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