Thursday, July 12, 2007

Caribou - Deadhorse Airport - Prudhoe Bay, AK

About 8 am this morning, a herd of Caribou came down the runway. My camera won't zoom in enough for you to see that they had 4 calves with them.

And here is another picture of Fred & Ethel. I took it last week at home. I really like watching the cranes. They must have nested some place fairly close, but behind Patty's house. They walk out of the back yard, hang out in the front yard for a while, then down the driveway. Then 45 min or so later, they walk back up the driveway and head into the trees behind the house. They're never in any hurry, just out for a stroll.

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Rhea said...

Very cool. I love seeing wildlife. The thing is, I live in the city, and the wildlife is coming closer and closer as we've built on their habitats.