Monday, October 16, 2006

Week One - Part 2, Tuscany & Pompeii

Hi everyone,
Well I'm having a bit of trouble with blogger, getting these photo's to load. So this is going to be a bit out of order. Here are the pictures for Siena, Tuscany & Pompeii. Once I get this posted I'm going to go back and add Milan and Florence, even though that's where we started!

I know promised to post pictures, but I've had a hard time finding internet spots that are open. In Siena the local spot was closed until noon and we needed to depart at 1pm. Anyway, here we are in Massa Lubrensse, just south of Sorrento. I'm going to post a few pictures but I've taken about 180 so those I'll down load when I get home...
Here is an illuminated book, there is a whole room of them on display in the Dumo in Siena.
This one is of the Camp in Siena. Also a beautiful morning there. Lots and lots of tourist and students. It's really a beautiful site. The old buildings are very tall, most old cities stop at 4 stories, but in Siena many were 6 stories.

The Crete Sensi Hill headed toward southern Tuscany. The wheat has been harvested and the fields turned over. It's dusty clay as far as you can see.

Here we are having lunch at the house we rented. It was a bit overcast or hazy on Sunday so we didn't do much but laundy and drink a lot of wine :-)

These are some fresco picturs I took in Pompeii today. We spent 6 hours there looking around. It really is pretty amazing.
And this is a shot of Vesuvius over a restored rooftop in Pompeii. It was beautiful today, warm & sunny with just a bit of breeze in the afternoon.

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