Sunday, October 01, 2006

Count Down to Italy...

We've been planning this trip to Italy for months, but today we're finally close enough to departure day to start a count down! 1 week to go and we'll be landing in Milan.

Here is our itinerary. Virginia, Linda and I are flying the same flights, Penny is about 2 hours behind us. Kristen is going to get into Milan a few hours earlier.

Our route is Alaska Airlines Anchorage/Seattle and then British Airways Seattle/London-Heathrow/Milan. We leave Anchorage on Saturday morning, 10/7 at 10:15 AM and arrive in Milan at 6:00 PM Sunday night, local time. It's a long flight, we have a 3 hour layover in Heathrow, but that's where Penny should join us.

Our return is the same route, just reversed. We leave Milan on Tuesday, 10/2 at noon, and arrive back in Anchorage on Tuesday night around 11:30 pm local time.

This is a list of the places we're going and the hotels or houses that we've rented.

Actually Linda & Kristen are going to deave us on 10/11 in Florence and go to Rome for a few days. We'll meet back up on 10/14 in Naples, then catch a train south to Sorrento and on to the house we've rented in Massa Lubrense. Tito & Vic are going to meet us in Naples too. Though maybe we'll all be on the same train out of Rome to Naples.

Anway, the long range weather forecast says Milan on Monday is supposed to be 80 and sunny. Partly cloudy in Florence and 77 when we get there on Monday afternoon. I'm really looking forward to some nice weather and lots of wine :-).

I'll try to add updates from our trip every few days from internet cafe's. Stay tuned!

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Anonymous said...

Hey, Lori. Have a safe trip. I'll be living vicariously through you since I am at home with the kids in the school. Have fun! Love, Joyce