Thursday, July 20, 2006

Polar Bear Plunge

There is this on going phenomenon that I've never understood. We call it the Polar Bear Jump or Polar Bear Plunge. It involves crazy people jumping into really cold water, for no reason other than bragging rights. I'll never understand it... However here are some pictures from the Polar Bear Plunge out on Northstar Island last night. Pam sent these out, I'm not sure who actually took them.

Note: ICE floating just off shore
Note: Rescue standing by in a DRY SUIT.
Note: Hovercraft crew watching from off shore, thinking these guys are nuts.

The crew once they were all good & wet!

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Amy Riddle said...

This is very similar to Bristol Bay Borough's Penguin Dip during Winterfest. A hole is cut in airplane lake and in they go! Here's a link for you!