Wednesday, September 03, 2014

GreenGrid Modules on the roof!

Today we got the GreenGrid modules up on the roof.  YAY!!!

Thanks to Greg Collins it was a pretty quick endeavor.  Greg & Terry brought the skid steer up to my house.  We loaded the planted modules onto a pallet.  Greg then lifted them up to the level of the roof, and Terry pulled them off the pallet.  That part took about an hour.

Once the guys left, Valda held the ladder for me.  I went up on the roof, re-arranged the rubber pavers a bit.  Then I laid out more root barrier and put the modules in place.

There are 12 empty modules that need to be planted next spring, so there are some 'holes' in the layout.  I put a few of the pavers in those openings to hold the root barrier fabric in place over the winter.  And the walking path that divides the 2 sections needs to be added.  I hope to get those rubber pavers cut to size and put in place later this month.

And there are 4 unplanted modules on the roof.  Once it starts to freeze (which could be any day the way our weather has been this week), I'll sprinkle the sedum seeds I bought in them, and hope the come up and grow in the spring.  

And we even got a few hours of sunshine.  It was cloudy and cold this morning, the sun 'came out' about an hour before Greg & Terry showed up.  Now it's getting cloudy, should be raining by midnight.  I'm glad I didn't have to get up on the roof in the rain.

Mods onto the pallet

Lift the pallet to the roof

More mods to the pallet

Mods lined up by Terry

Root barrier down

Mods mostly in place.  Empty mods in lower
right corner, waiting for seeds.

Another pic of mods in place & extra pavers filling 'holes' until spring.

Walking path waiting for cut to size pavers

View from driveway - section 1 is 75% done.

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