Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Closing up 2013

I've spent a good portion of today, cleaning up 'stuff' from 2013.  One my tasks was to clean all the photos off my camera and put them in the appropriate photo albums.
It's always fun to look at photos for the 2nd time, and a couple of these I just had to share.  Sometimes the beauty of the view out my front windows, takes my breath away.  I hope I never take it for granted.
Nov View from home.  No snow, sun is setting.
And here is one out my office window.  The winter light in the Arctic is amazing, even if the sun doesn't really rise for 54 days....and I do count those days.
Deadhorse sunrise/set
Last but not least are a couple of Christmas photos.  I didn't do much decorating this year, since I wasn't going to be home.  But I did need to make a new wreath that would accent my new door.  The giant red bow I've used the past few years just wasn't going to work since I had the front door painted.

And here are my snowman stickers.  I really think they're cute.  I peeled them off the wall today and stuck them to some waxed paper.  Hopefully I can use them again next year.

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