Monday, January 16, 2012

Samsung Refrigerator Part 2 - Replaced with an LG

Well, after 2 years of fighting with my fridge I finally gave up and bought a new one.  I couldn't get the Samsung defrost fixed.  The freezer would ice up and then everything in the fridge would freeze.  So today the guys from Home Depot delivered my new LG.

The new one is a French Door model which I really didn't want, but I couldn't find a bottom freezer model that would fit in the fridge space between by cabinets.  This one barely fits, maybe an 1/8th of an inch to spare, but that's it.

New LG

New LG Inside
It's supposed to have 2 more square feet of fridge space but it doesn't really seem like it.  I don't like the small  shallow fruit & vegi drawers, or the 'cold' drawer underneath, but I'll make it work.  :-)

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